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Results 3rd Annual Ovarian Cancer Charity Auction Rozelle Markets 19/05/19


John and Megan Moran’s 3rd annual charity auction at the Rozelle markets was another outstanding success. On the actual day a total of $29,101 was raised. Macquarie Bank generously added 50%, $14,431.30 to the total, bringing the final figure


Rozelle Markets Ovarian Cancer Auction 19/05/19


John Moran’s 3rd annual ovarian cancer charity auction will be held again on Sunday the 19th of May at the Rozelle markets. Items to be auctioned include vintage 10’6” 60’s longboard, vintage pond yacht, one week internship with Atlasssian,


The Two of Us


After Megan’s ovarian cancer diagnosis, her friend Rhonda operated March 16, 2019 — 12.08am Rhonda Farrell, 53, and Megan Moran, 53, were childhood friends in Sydney’s Sutherland. When Megan was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, Rhonda, a gynaecological oncologist and


International Women’s Day


On International Women’s Day, Chris O’Brien Lifehouse shared a story about Dr Farrell entitled ‘Inspiring young women Doctors of the Future.’ You can read the article here and see their post on Instagram below. View this post on Instagram


Endometrial Cancer – An Obesity Epidemic


On November 3rd, 2018, Dr Farrell gave a presentation to the Obesity and Cancer GP Workshop held at the Lowy Cancer Research Centre, UNSW Sydney. Dr Farrell’s presentation was titled ‘Endometrial Cancer – An Obesity Epidemic.’ This event was organised by


Chris O’Brien Lifehouse


Associate Professor Rhonda Farrell has been appointed as Deputy Director of Gynaecological Oncology Services at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse, Camperdown. A/Prof Farrell will be seeing both public and private patients with gynaecological cancer at this centre. Rhonda will also be working


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