Complex benign gynaecologic surgery

Complex Benign Gynaecologic Surgery

Complex benign gynaecologic surgery is sometimes best performed by a subspecialist.  Dr. Farrell has the advanced training to deal with the potentially difficult surgical situations often associated with previous surgery, obesity, and multiple comorbidities. If there is any suspicion of gynaecological cancer, your operation should always be performed by a gynaecological oncologist such as Dr Farrell, who has the skills to remove the cancer and perform the appropriate staging procedure.

Although keyhole surgery is the best approach for most straightforward benign procedures (such as simple ovarian cysts, straightforward hysterectomy), open surgery may be required in some cases of benign pathology if it is predicted to be difficult, or when there is any risk that a cancer may be found. Gynaecological Oncologists are often called to assist general gynaecologists with these cases as they have the most experience with these difficult surgeries.

Dr Farrell performs open surgery for cases of very large uterine fibroids (to avoid any spillage of potential cancerous cells that can occur with keyhole surgery and ‘morcellation’ of these tumours), ovarian cysts which have any chance of cancer (again, to avoid spilling these cells inside the abdomen which may occur with keyhole surgery), and where there has been multiple previous surgeries (which results in scarring or adhesions). Extensive experience with this surgery allows Dr Farrell to perform these procedures safely and, if a cancer is found, perform the right procedure at that time rather than the patient needing a second operation.