Doctor Info

Doctor Info

My main goal is to provide you and your patients with the highest standard ofpatient-focused holistic care. With my specialty training in general gynaecology, colposcopy, and gynaecologic oncology, and my advanced surgical training, I will provide your patients with first class specialist care in the areas of general gynaecology, abnormal cervical screening results requiring colposcopic assessment, risk reducing surgery, and gynaecological malignancy.

My goals are to:

Provide a comprehensive gynaecological service for the assessment and management of benign gynaecological conditions, pre-cancers, and gynaecological cancers.

Provide a first class colposcopy service in which cervical images are captured and stored in high-resolution and patients are able to view abnormalities in real time.

Ensure prompt review of your patients – I aim to see all new high-risk referrals within one week. Urgent referrals will normally be seen at my next consulting day. I am happy to be contacted directly at any time should you require advice or assistance in triaging your patients for assessment; just call my rooms on 9650 4469 and my staff will provide you with my direct contact details if I am out of the rooms.

Ensure you are kept informed with prompt return correspondence to keep you updated following review and to keep you included in all subsequent pathology results and follow-up.

Utilise a laparoscopic minimally invasive approach wherever possible according to patient suitability and wishes.

Use my high level of expertise in radical surgery for advanced malignancies when necessary.

Return patients back for follow-up with you as soon as possible after treatment.